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I LOVE getting feedback! Here’s what my clients have to say:
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"My experience was professional, motivational and Jane was intuitive. I was recommended to Jane as I was at another low point, and what appealed about Rapid Transformational Therapy was 'Rapid'. Plus no waiting times, no endless sessions going nowhere. From the first session my transformation was amazing, for the first time in a very long time I felt I had a future, listening to the recordings everyday reinforced my changes and thought patterns, I could not wait for the second session. Having just completed my second and my continued progression I'm excited, happy and looking forward. Thank you Jane" (October 2020)

"From the get-go not only did I find Jane extremely professional and knowledgable but also warm, patient, friendly and super-supportive. After working with her for a six week period I not only feel 100% back to my old self but in addition have gained a renewed sense of strength, calm, confidence and joie de vivre. I highly recommend her with no hesitation whatsoever. Give her a try. You have everything to gain!!!!" (September 2020)

"I was referred to Jane because apparently I needed to heal - seriously? I was keen on identifying what exactly I needed to heal. I've always been confident in my abilities and yet I couldn't understand why I felt it difficult to receive. Jane explained the process and having been counted down I was hypnotised. It's been three months since I first talked to Jane over Skype and having listened to my recordings daily, my relationships with my wife, kids, colleagues and the entrepreneur in me have exponentially grown. Everyone has said "you are so happy and energetic" and I feel much much more present in life. In summary "You are what you think" and RTT has solidified this in me in the last few months, fact. You do have to put in the effort to transform yourself and continue to do so. Jane is not good - she's not even great - she is beyond amazing! Jane, I am forever in your debt, thank you. (January 2020)

"Prior to the treatment I was very sceptical but desperate with anxiety about forthcoming public speaking events. The recordings made a genuine difference to get me through the initial events and a number of others since. I would like to thank and recommend Jane" (June 2019)

"Jane is brilliant. I had been smoking on and off for some 20 years. I knew I should stop but fear and anxiety got in the way. Jane supported me get rid of the fear, and I am now a happy ex-smoker. I would highly recommend Jane Clarke. Thank you Jane" (March 2019)

"As a skeptic of hypnotherapy and having had counselling in the past, I was intrigued by the notion that it could be possible to gain an understanding of what blocks and holds you back in life in a fraction of the time it can take with traditional talking therapies. I found the RTT formula powerful, like I was set free to be whoever I wanted to be having understood how my beliefs we're blocking me and this is transformational!" (February 2019)

"Jane's healing voice is amazing to trust and let yourself to abandoned to the hypnosis session. She has done an amazing job to me. After two months I felt already a different person. My personal and professional life has changed. I am more confident, more happy I accept and love myself as I am now. Jane has changed my life and saved me from being depressed and lonely. Thanks Jane you are wonderful healer!" (December 2018)

"I began to suffer with anxiety after the birth of my second child. I approached Jane hoping that hypnotherapy could help me overcome those feelings. I had no experience or knowledge of hypnotherapy but any nerves quickly disappeared as Jane is such a warm and genuine person, she immediately put me at ease. The session flowed easily, I felt Jane understood my issues and she explained the methods she was going to use in a way that was very easy to understand. After the session I felt calmer almost immediately and as I continued to use my individual recording on a daily basis I recognised a change in my thoughts and behaviours, this has had such a positive impact on my day to day life and my relationships with others. I was very impressed with the level of care Jane offered. After the session we regularly kept in touch to discuss my progress and any issues that the hypnotherapy brought up. Jane was very positive and supportive and I felt that she was on the journey with me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jane Clarke hypnotherapy" (November 2018)

"I did not have a huge issue, but I always got stuck when it came to taking risk in my business. Logically, I knew exactly what to do, and yet whenever it came down to the wire, I'd find some excuse not to do it. My subconscious wasn't letting me through that door, and while it didn't have a massive impact on my business, I knew I could do better. One session with Jane has not just shown me where and how I am standing in my own way, but somehow re-wired my circuits to think in completely new patterns. I'm more assertive, more trusting of my own abilities and more likely to embrace opportunity. It's not so much a penny drop moment but a quiet transformation that comes upon you, and at some point you look back and go, wow, is that really me? Feels awesome.Thank you, Jane!" (October 2018)

"I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jane and this process to anyone that needs some help. I now know who I am and what I want in my life and in my marriage. I am so much a better person. I am renewed" (August 2018)

"I've never received therapy of this kind and didn't know what to expect. The process and experience is easy to engage with I found everything straight forward. I really enjoyed the hypnosis and was surprised at what came up. It was interesting and very relaxing. My personal issue was how I was reacting to other people. I was getting angry or upset when I felt I wasn't being heard or when I was being attacked. This was the no. 1 issue. It's really difficult to explain how I've been since so ill summarise. I'm no longer reacting to others. This happens daily in numerous little ways occasionally toxic people too and I just handle these situations. Generally I'm calmer and other areas of my life have improved too. My surfing has become more fearless. It's not an exaggeration to say it's changed my life" (July 2018)

“Meeting Jane has been a real life changer. I have learnt so much about myself and why I am the way I am. My main goal was weight loss, but the benefits have spread far beyond that. The great thing about this type of hypnotherapy is that you take the time to understand why your behaviours/beliefs are what they are, and this really gives you the best foundation for change. Jane puts you at ease, is so supportive and has an incredible knack for interpreting what you tell her, even when it doesn't always make sense to you! I really felt Jane was invested in my progress, and always kept in touch between sessions - I just wish I'd found her sooner!” (July 2018)

“Jane is a very welcoming & warm hearted therapist. The initial Skype meeting went very well and I felt very comfortable. The actual therapy session was again seamless, I felt immediately relaxed in Jane's presence, a good feeling of trust in her personality & therapeutic skills” (July 2018)

“I was impressed with how powerful the sessions were. Incidents in my life that I had forgotten about were having such a negative impact on my life. It was an amazing experience to unlock these incidents and by doing so changing my life completely. I have lived in so much physical pain for the last five years. I have spent so much time going back and fore different hospitals for tests. Two sessions with Jane and I am pain free. it was a revelation to know that one particular time in my life caused my body to react so badly. I actually went for help in losing weight as I thought it would help my pain. My mind had other ideas! I would highly recommend Jane. This treatment has totally changed my life” (June 2018)

“Jane's professional and personable approach made it easy for me to make sense of issues from my childhood. I was able to discuss, understand and reconcile these issues rather than put an 'emotional plaster' over them. My friends and family have already commented that they have noticed a renewed sense of purpose and energy in me... and would like to find out what's the secret!” (June 2018)

“I really didn’t know what to expect from the session, even though Jane's approach was welcoming as she explained how things work, which was good to know. I have learnt from the experience and would recommend Jane to anyone” (April 2018)

“What an amazing lady Jane is. From the moment we spoke on the phone I felt completely at ease. After suffering with my anxieties for many years and trying various therapies, I decided on hypnotherapy. I came across Jane’s page and set up an appointment with her. Jane’s approach made me feel calm and very relaxed. After the first session I instantly felt more positive and calm. I never felt rushed during our session time and the aftercare was outstanding! Thank you so much Jane helping me through some rough times. I will never forget your guidance and help” (January 2018)

“I have recently completed three hypnotherapy sessions with Jane relating to improving my overall relationship with food, with the ultimate goal of reaching my happy, healthy weight and dress size. Having tried several ‘diets’ and being the queen of losing a stone and putting it all back on again 2 months later, I decided it was time to change my focus away from crash diets and towards having a healthy relationship with food, where I am in control rather than the food. With such a big topic to address we agreed to meet more than once. As I am based in London we met both face to face in Jane’s lovely hypnotherapy room and online over Skype, where I made myself comfortable in my living room and Jane conducted the session via Skype on my laptop. I found this a great way to make hypnotherapy really accessible and easily fit into my busy diary. Following each of the sessions I was sent a personalised recording which I listened to between sessions, and still listen to when I feel I need a boost. So far I am thrilled to say I have dropped a dress size, joined a boot camp that I love and have seen my ‘emotional’ eating habits change completely. I am very excited for the rest of this journey and couldn’t recommend Jane’s help enough to anyone like me that is ready to make permanent change to their life.” (October 17)

“Jane has helped me very much to cope at a stressful time in my life. She has a calming and encouraging manner and her hypnotherapy recording I can use in the future if I feel I need to.” (August 17)

“I’ve had a weakness and addiction to sugar for years and even though I’ve lost weight on clean eating plans and feel so much better, my sugar addictions kept coming back. As a health coach myself helping others, I knew I needed help with this, so I decided to go for some hypnotherapy for this to be dealt with forever. I looked online and found Jane and she only lived round the corner too - win win! I had my session that took me back as a regression and to my amazement since leaving that session, I don’t even want to look at sugar. This has saved my life. Jane is an amazing girl and very understanding. I will be forever grateful.”
(June 2017)

“Jane has helped me considerably in my quest to cure my chocolate addiction! I would say she is understanding and non-judgmental, professional and supportive. I never thought I could reduce my chocolate cravings by such a degree, but it’s proof that hypnotherapy works! I would happily recommend Jane Clarke Hypnotherapy to anyone.”
(May 2017)

“Over the years I’ve used various different nicotine replacement therapies in many attempts to stop smoking, all ending in failure.  When I heard about Jane from a friend, I thought I might as well give it a go – I’ve tried everything else.  I was a little bit sceptical before our meeting, because I’m a strong minded person, and didn’t think anyone would be able to hypnotize me.  However, I was wrong!  Jane made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, and I floated away somewhere for most of it… I took away a recording of our session and listened to it every night for two weeks, in fact I fell asleep after the first few minutes every time.  It was a one off session and Jane was brilliant afterwards by sending me messages and emails to check how I was doing, giving me positive encouragement and helpful suggestions to rid my body of nicotine.  A month later and I am still a non-smoker :-)  Thanks Jane I couldn’t have done it without you!  I would highly recommend anyone who wants to stop smoking to go and see Jane!”
(August 2016)

"Before I underwent treatment I didn’t know much about hypnotherapy; I associated it with people being regressed to past lives on daytime TV more than anything. Though I’d heard of it being used to combat fears and unwanted behaviour patterns, I don’t mind saying that I was sceptical at first. I’ve never been one to completely relax or be out of control, which surely letting someone else guide your thoughts is precisely… Despite my initial reservations, I was so glad to have Jane use her hypnotherapy skills to help me overcome stage fright - a serious problem for a budding performer! Although I could sense myself going under and obeying her soothing voice, I was aware of what was happening the entire time, and felt completely relaxed and calm throughout the entire experience. She explained everything very thoroughly beforehand and debriefed me afterwards, making sure that I was happy with everything that would/had happened and reassuring me that everything was completely safe. Since my session I have used Jane’s recording numerous times to great effect, and I’m happy to report that my fears about performing on stage in front of an audience almost completely diminished. When the time came for my acting debut a few weeks later, I felt next to no fear, but rather excitement at the whole experience. I am indebted to Jane for helping me through this journey and can absolutely recommend her assistance with hypnotherapy."
(July 2016)

"Having passed my driving test ten years ago but never really putting those skills into use until much more recently I was understandably apprehensive at the prospect of getting behind the wheel unsupervised! Having had a couple of refresher lessons to make sure I was safe I knew ultimately it was all about confidence. Jane really helped me with her hypnotherapy, whereas previously the prospect of driving alone would make me feel extremely anxious after attending my appointment and listening to the recording she gave me I started to realise that actually the fear was totally unfounded and driving was no longer the huge stress I had always found it to be. Jane really made me feel at ease during my session and now when I get behind the wheel I feel so much more confident and relaxed, driving has become a pleasure rather than a chore. I can’t recommend her enough, her naturally friendly and calm demeanour really helped put me at ease from the very start."
(June 2016)

"I was recommended to Jane due to my long term panic attacks driving on the motorway and with passengers. Jane was fantastic and really lovely from start. She listened to all my concerns and understood exactly what the issue was and what I wanted to gain from the hypnotherapy. As I live a few hours from Jane we completed our session over Skype, but Jane was so relaxing and encouraging it felt as if I was sitting right next to her. I had never done anything like this before so was nervous, but there was no need to be as Jane talked me through exactly what was going to happen before, during and after the session. Jane is very passionate about what she does and genuinely cares about helping people overcome what they need to, in order to fulfil their hypnotherapy journey. This, as well as the ongoing support from Jane after the session had finished, is why I would really recommend her to anyone struggling with an inner demon they want to get rid of. Jane is kind and caring and I couldn't have imagined anyone better to help me with this problem. Even 2 months on we are still in contact about my progress and every time I achieve a longer drive on the motorway or a journey with passengers I just can't wait to tell her!"
(May 2016)
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Disclaimer: As with any treatment or therapy, individual results vary and are not guaranteed.
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